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Riteway: Providing Expert Sign Installations Since 1991

With nearly three decades of experience in the industry, Riteway Signs is one of the most established sign installation companies in Calgary. Our team’s installers have over 40 combined years of signage installation. We use high-quality, locally-designed materials, and can install add-ons such as riders or brochure holders to boost your sign's utility and visibility. Our straightforward online ordering system and our prompt, next-day signage installation* make getting your signs up convenient and hassle-free. Unlike most of our competitors, we offer monthly rather than daily billing for added convenience.

Streamlined Order-To-Installation Process

We’re Calgary’s only full service real estate sign company owned and operated by one company, meaning that we are able to have your sign created and installed as quickly as possible. In addition to installing signs, we manufacture them, and we always ensure that the job is completed the riteway, from start to finish.

When you work with Riteway:

  • You’ll never have to coordinate between multiple design, manufacturing, and installation companies
  • Our in-house design team and meticulous inventory tracking system allow for a quick turnaround
  • If all of your existing signs are already up, we can simply create and install a new one, which saves you from having to coordinate the manufacture and delivery of new signs
  • Ordering and monthly billing are done using our convenient online platform to save you time

High-Quality Realtor Sign Installations

For nearly 30 years, Riteway has installed realtors’ for sale signs and other real estate advertising signs. Our durable, high-quality real estate signs are tough enough to withstand Calgary’s hot summers and cold winters without fading, discoloring, or breaking. Each sign conveys a professional and polished impression for its entire lifespan.

Riteway’s real estate sign installation materials include:

  • 24-inch custom-designed steel pins that go up to 18 inches into the ground, to ensure that your sign stands up straighter for longer and is able to withstand variable weather
  • Locally-manufactured signposts made of thick, high quality PVC to help real estate signs stand up to the elements
  • A durable and highly-tested rider system, which makes adding and removing riders simple without sacrificing your sign’s durability
  • See-through, water resistant, economical and recyclable literature displays and brochure holders that we can add to any listing you request

We take pride in ensuring your advertisement looks its best, and always take the time to thoroughly detail your sign, post, and any riders being attached.

Contact Our Calgary Sign Makers and Installers

If you’re looking for professional, high-quality real estate signage for your Calgary listings, Riteway has a solution to every one of your sign installation problems. In addition to our easy ordering platform, streamlined production and installation process, and high-quality installation materials, we pride ourselves on always putting our customers first. Give us a call at (403) 236-3432 or reach out to us online to get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team. If you’re ready to place your order, sign up for Riteway Connect to get started!

*Orders must be submitted before 12:00pm in order to be completed the following day. Please note there are no sign services on Sunday or Monday; any orders received after 12:00pm on Friday will be completed on Tuesday. In the event of poor weather conditions, extreme traffic delays or statutory holidays there may be delay in service.

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